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The Attorneys at Madge & Johnson are dedicated to helping their clients have the highest quality of life and financial security throughout their elder years by offering comprehensive solutions to their estate planning needs.

Our clients have concerns about probate avoidance, minimizing estate taxes, how to plan for retirement account assets and protecting assets from nursing home costs. We work with each client to customize their individual estate plan. We resolve such issues as providing for a disabled child or reducing estate taxes.

We have the experience and wisdom to look “down the road” to identify any issues that could arise and take measures to prevent costly errors or family conflict.

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Elder Law Matters

A proper estate plan assists with wealth transfer in a seamless manner with the least cost to the individual or the family. We can help you protect your retirement accounts.  We also provide assistance with planning for nursing home and assisted living costs.  We monitor all plans as your life and assets change to ensure that your estate plan follows suit.

Probate and Tax Planning Matters

The loss of a loved one is difficult. Here at Madge & Johnson we understand how hard it can be and we are here to make the process of probating your loved one’s estate as smooth and seamless as possible. We deal with all aspects of the Probate process including completing Federal and Massachusetts Estate Tax Returns.

Families in Transition

Families need proper estate planning to plan for their unique circumstances. Whether you have minor or adult children, need tax planning or are planning for retirement we are here to ensure you have the right estate plan for your family.

Support for Disabled & Special Needs

Families with disabled individuals in their care have the special problem of continuing care in the event they are no longer able to be the caregiver.   This is a delicate situation, and the attorneys at Madge & Johnson can guide you through the process.


A Bad Estate Plan is Worse Than None at all!

A poor estate plan can cause family disharmony, cost thousands of dollars in probate fees, can cause delays, or expose assets to Medicaid and long-term care costs. You need an attorney that will always see to your best interests and guide you through the legal complexities.  Madge & Johnson elder law attorneys help you plan for unforeseen circumstances.

We make it easy!

When you call we will walk you through the information gathering process necessary for a successful first meeting. For those of you who have been putting off getting your estate plan completed because you don’t have the time to gather all your documents necessary for the Consultation and completion of our Questionnaire, we can help!  Schedule a Consultation with us and for an extra fee we will sift through all your papers to assess what is significant and assist you in properly completing the Questionnaire and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are prepared.

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